About Us

“At Nutrition Nepal, we’re dedicated to offering you the highest quality vitamins, nutrition and bodybuilding supplements from America’s top brands. We are stocked with the products you need to reach your health and fitness goals. We have a single goal in mind: we want to provide our clients with a series of superb, side effects free products that will help them improve their overall health and well-being. All the supplements listed on our site are vegetarian and made from natural extracts only.”

Our Story

As the saying goes, healthy mind resides in a healthy body, the need for nurturing it with utmost care is inevitable. Therefore a brand of reliable, premium quality, and well-designed highest grade nutritional products you can place your trust in is Nutrition Nepal.

When you browse the selection of products that we carry, you’ll see that there is a wide spectrum of nutrition covered. From sports and exercise, we have found a way to cover all spectrums of nutrition with high-quality supplements. We hope that through the creation of Nutrition Nepal, you find a supplement that allows for you to thrive.

We understand you have many choices for your personal health, which is why we strive to provide you with the widest product selection at reasonable prices as well as superior customer service to help you make informed decisions about your supplement purchases. Recent reports suggest some dietary supplements do not actually contain the ingredients or quantities listed on the product label and in some cases, products have been tampered with in order to give certain (false) readings when tested. This gives today’s consumer cause for concern and makes it difficult to determine true quality and credibility. When it comes to the genuinity of our products, we have made it a goal to provide the best to our customers and for this we urge you to compare , test and only then put your faith on us.

Why Invest In Nutrition

Nutrients refer to something that are all the essentials required for the betterment and benefits of body and it’s growth. They can be in different forms. But in today’s context of adulteration and growing artificiality, we highly doubt if there are any forms of nutrition to be trusted. So, this is probably the time that people have a reminder about what nutrients mean and the importance of nutrients are.We all know drinking a ton of water and eating everything healthy doesn’t quite give us all the proper nutrients that we need. They are important but we need something called as micronutrients that are required only in a tiny amount. For optimum health It’s better if we use natural supplements instead of medications filled with chemicals. All the kinds of nutrition are not available in balanced diets only, therefore, we need micronutrients to fill all the necessary gaps that your body needs for proper immunity and better health.

Due to stressful lifestyle , career and many other factors takes a toll on our health which we seem to ignore it completely. While we invest, put time ,effort and money in so many other aspects of life. We tend to ignore the most important element that is “yourself”. Slightest bit of care or investment towards your health will definitely add up to your overall life. If body and mind is fueled with right nutrition and care, you are definitely gonna feel the difference on the outside.Invest just a minute from your day as it gives your body that long term benefit.

For instance, diabetes at early ages, hair loss, stress, aging, gastric, obese, hormonal imbalance etc. Micro nutrients are important in the case of hormonal imbalance, specially for those who tend to struggle with their internal hormones and keeping them balanced.Our supplements are also specified for people with diabetes, hair loss and other forms of hormonal disbalance. Moreover, all the kinds of nutrition are not available in all the balanced diets only. Lack of certain types of nutrients also has to deal with immune system. Micronutrients will provide you with the required vitamins and minerals but includes carbohydrates, fats and proteins that are not available in the healthiest diet you have.